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How To Get Your Website Indexed Quickly And Get More Traffic

Search engines have taken the online world by storm and it is a well-known fact that getting noticed by giants such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is crucial for your website’s success. When you host a new website or add new pages to your blog, they need to be indexed so that they can be read by search engines and pulled out. Find out how to get your website indexed quickly with some simple steps, and you will start getting high quality, organic traffic in no time.

Have Sufficient Web Content

Have at least ten pieces of content if you want search engines to index your website. Always remember that if you want high quality traffic, you need to give users something that will interest them. Therefore, create high quality web pages that make your website meaty enough to be visited and scrutinized by search indices as well as visitors. Apart from this, develop your website by building internal links so that you will be rated higher and get more traffic.

Create A Simple Navigation Menu

Irrespective of the type of web management tool you use, creating a good navigation menu for search engine spiders to crawl through is of paramount importance. Link structures should flow logically and create a navigation menu that will be simple and easy for spiders as well as visitors.

Optimize Your Keywords

There are many keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool that is a part of AdWords. Use these tools to find out what people are searching for, and tailor your content accordingly. While it is essential to place these keywords strategically, beware of keyword stuffing if you don’t want search engines to flag your website off as spam.

Create An XML Sitemap

Adding an XML sitemap to your website will complement your existing navigation menu. A good sitemap will give search engines an idea of how your site is linked, and will give spiders more freedom to crawl around it. This is an important step to get as many of your website’s pages indexed quickly.

Use Webmaster Tools

All search engines provide you with webmaster tools that help you configure and manage your website’s performance. These tools allow you to submit your website’s URL and key pages for indexing. Submit your website’s XML sitemap to all major search engines using their respective webmaster tools and notify them about existing and new web pages. Periodically re-submitting your sitemap is highly recommended.

Share Your Website On Social Media

Social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus are already highly rated by search engines and frequently crawled. Submitting your website links on social media is a great way in which you can bring your website to the attention of search engines and get your links indexed fast.

Once you’ve shared your website URL on social media and within webmaster tools, it is time to expand your horizons! The world of web directories is vast and it is time to tap into their potential. Submit your website to the highest ranked web directories and this will add to your website being indexed quickly.

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